Tracing Roots

Guidelines for `Tracing the Roots’ Programme

  • 1. The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA launched a scheme called “Tracing the Roots” in October 2008. Under this scheme, the Ministry facilitates PIOs in tracing their roots in India.

  • 2. Persons of Indian origin desirous of tracing their roots in India would be required to fill up the prescribed application form and deposit it with the concerned Indian Mission/Post located in the country of their residence along with a fee of Rs. 20,000/- (Rupees twenty thousand) in equivalent US dollar (or any other foreign currency acceptable to the Indian Mission/Post). All use useful information/document that could be helpful in tracing the roots may also be submitted with the application.

  • 3. The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs would forward the application with all supporting documents to “Indiroots” with whom it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for this purpose. An amount of Rs.6,000/- (Rupees six thousand) as advance will also be paid to `Indiroots’ as soon as possible. Contact details of Indiroots are as under:

    Address: E-663/9 West Vinod Nagar, Delhi – 110092.
    Tel. (0091) 9868464738,

  • 4. The details of the roots in India (where traceable) i.e name of close surviving relatives, details of the place of origin of their forefathers (paternal and maternal side) and a possible family tree will be prepared by “Indiroots” and submitted to the MOIA approximately within a period of three months from the date of receipt of the application by it.

  • 5. The information received from “Indiroots” including family tree prepared by it, would then be sent to the concerned Indian Mission/Post at the earliest for onward transmission to the applicant.

  • 6. In case of any doubt about the genuineness of the `roots’ the decision of the Ministry, taken in consultation with the applicant and `Indiroots’ will be final and binding on `Indiroots’.

  • 7. In case of a successful attempt, the balance of Rs. 14,000/- (Rupees fourteen thousand) will be released by the Ministry to “Indiroots”. In case the attempt is not successful a further amount of only Rs.4,000/- (Rupees four thousand) will be released to “Indiroots” and the Indian Mission/Post would be authorized to refund foreign currency equivalent to Rs. 10,000/- (Rupees ten thousand) to the applicant at the official rate of exchange as determined by the Government of India, applicable on the date of refund.

  • 8. The application to be filled in for the purpose is given below

Click here to download the application