Passport &(Related services)

General information

Indian nationals residing in Angola, Equatorial Guinea & Sao Tome & Principe can avail of passport services from this Embassy and can apply in the Consular Section in person.

Those who are resident in Equatorial Guinea & Sao Tome & Principe may send their application (along with proof of bank transfer of prescribed fees plus bank charges) to the Embassy through courier service.  They also have to make arrangements to collect the documents from the Embassy when ready.

Additional booklets are no longer issued to add pages to a valid passport when all pages are used. Please apply for reissue of passport in such cases.

A separate passport must be obtained by every individual. A child's name can no longer be endorsed on a parent's passport. Children born in Angola to Indian parents (one of them or both) are eligible to apply for Indian passport after completing birth registration formalities. It is necessary that the child is in Angola at the time of application and it is illegal to apply for a passport for persons not currently in Angola.

It is advisable to hold only machine readable passports.  Application can be made for issue of new passports where the current passport is handwritten. Issue of handwritten passports has been discontinued in line with orders of Government of India and in view of the requirements of ICAO to be implemented in 2012.

It is an offence to hold more than one valid passport at a time. Those Indian citizens acquiring citizenship/passport of another country should immediately surrender their Indian Passport to the nearest Indian Embassy/High Commission/ Embassy.

It is an offence under the Passport Act 1967 to furnish false information in the application. Passport facilities could be denied on grounds of suppression of material information, submission of incorrect particulars, willful damage/loss of passport or for unauthorized change/tampering. The Passport can be impounded or revoked for violation of one or more of the provisions of the Passport Act. Fines also can be imposed.

A new passport application is to be submitted in all cases of loss, renewal/re-issue or change of particulars in the front and back covers. A new passport is to be obtained in case of loss/damage or change in particulars on the first and last pages containing details.

Thump impression (left for male, right for female) on the application form is necessary only when you are unable to sign your name.

The passport applicant should prefererably submit the application in person or through authorized representative.

If your police clearance status for the current passport is incomplete or adverse for any reason in the passport records, passport services cannot be extended till completion of verification. In that event you will be required to submit completed Personal Particulars form along with an explanation for non completion of verification/police clearance. These forms are to be submitted in four copies along with photographs pasted on each of the form and can be submitted along with the application for reissue of passport.

For complete information on passport rules and other related matters please visit

When to apply

Where validity of the existing passport is due to expire soon, fresh passport will be issued to the applicant for a period of ten years (& for five years in case of children below the age of 18).  Application for such re-issue of passport can be made one year before the date of expiry.

Process time

It is important to note that the passports are printed in India and total processing time is likely to take around 15 days, or more, in most cases.  Accordingly it is in the interest of the applicant to ensure that applications are submitted sufficiently in advance.

Where the passports were previously issued from another passport issuing authority (i.e. passports issued in any place other than Luanda) applicants may have to wait longer for completing reference work. 

Original passport is returned for purposes of travel after application has been accepted. Original passports are to be brought at the time of collection of new passport for cancellation except the pages containing the visa. If the old passport was an additional booklet, the original passports need to be submitted for cancellation.

Requirements for New Passport/Re-issue of passport

  • Application form filled up on-line (printout), with pages 2-4 completed by hand and signature affixed in black ink. For filling up application online proceed to

Note:  Using internet explorer for online application has been found to be easier. If there is a problem in filling application online, contact the Consular Section for assistance.

  • Original Passport (including additional booklets if any).
  • 3 latest passport size colour photographs. For more information about photographs please see details given below.
  • Copy of 1st 3 pages of the passport and last 3 pages of the passport, and copy of the current valid Angolan resident visa or Angolan registration card.
  • In case of change of address in India, necessary proof is to be provided for revising the address. Any of the following documents are considered acceptable proof, such as electricity or water bill or a running bank statement, house allotment letter, property tax, income tax assessment orders, voter’s identity card, ration card.
  • For addition of spouse name marriage certificate and photo copy of the spouse’s passport is to be submitted.

Photographs & Signature  Important instructions

As your photograph is scanned and printed on the passport, it should be of a high quality for reproduction and conform to International Civil Aviation Organization specifications

  • Sufficiently bright colour photo with frontal view of full face (both ears should be visible) against a light background
  • Close-up of head and top of shoulders with the face filling up 70% to 80% of the photo.
  • Sharp focus, clear, and of high quality
  • Photograph should be recent and in no case more than six months old.
  • 3 (3) photographs of 2 inches x 2 inches or 35mm x 35mm photos - one to be pasted in the box on page 1 (one) and the 2nd photo to be stapled on the blank portion (below ‘for official use only’) on page 4 (four), one photo to be provided loose.
  • Following kinds of photographs are not accepted
    • Black and white photographs
    • Photographs with coloured or dark glasses
    • With dark background or in uniform
    • Polaroid, home-shot or home-scanned, or unduly large/small photographs are not accepted
    • Photographs of larger or smaller sizes.
    • Photograph and signature not matching to prescribed standards are likely to be rejected by passport printing system causing delay in completion of the process.
    • Signature should be within the box provided without touching the lines, in black ink and clear impression is required.

A. Registration formalities

  • Every child who is born to any one of Indian parent(s) is required to be registered within a year's time. A Birth Certificate is issued by the Embassy to the child after registering his/her name as an Indian national.
  • A separate passport can be issued to the new born.
  • Requirements for Birth Registration & Separate Passport for Child:
    • Birth certificate from local hospital
    • Birth Registration Certificate from the local authorities with English translation.
    • Birth Registration Application Form signed by both the parents affidavit.
    • Affidavit to be signed by both parents.

The above documents with original passports of parents and original birth certificates from local authorities with a photo copy of all documents, first two pages and last two pages of parents’ passport may be submitted. Original will be returned after verification.

B. Passport procedure

After obtaining the birth certificate, application made online for new passport along with the copy of the birth certificate issued from the Embassy is to be submitted

    • New Passport form duly signed by both parents (Child's thumb impression should be affixed in the "Signature Boxes")
    • Father's/Mother's passport in original
    • Photocopy of Father's and Mother's Passport
    • 3 latest passport size photographs. For more about photographs please see instructions above.

Issue of New Passport in lieu of Lost / Damaged Passport

After completing the online application procedure for a New Passport (as explained above) submit the application personally to the Consular Officer for interview. An indicative list of documents required is given below. Application will be processed after confirming passport particulars of the lost/damaged particulars only from the records of the passport issuing authority where the lost passport was issued.

  1. Personal Particulars form
  2. A report from the police authorities of Angola regarding the loss
  3. A letter explaining the circumstances of loss/damage to passport. The letter should contain all information about the loss/damage including date of loss.
  4. Copy of the lost passport, with copies of Angolan visa
  5. A letter from the employer
  6. In case of applicants from Equatorial Guinea & Sao Tome & Principe, in addition affidavits from two Indian nationals resident in that country certifying the nationality and status of the applicant, together with first page of their current passport is to be submitted.

Emergency Certificate

Where the applicant has to return to India immediately for any reasons issue of an Emergency Certificate for one way travel can be considered, subject to verification of previous passport details. Please contact the Consular officer with the application as above for lost passport.  Reasons for emergency may also be submitted.

Schedule of fees

Passport form

Issue of handwritten passports have been completely discontinued. It is mandatory to have machine readable passports and all applications are to be made online. For filling up application online please proceed to

Note: Use internet explorer, and if there is a problem, contact the Consular Section for assistance. Also see instructions on Passport.